Fun facts

fun_factsKnow about the interesting facts of the orange city and its rich history, here are some of the fun facts of the orange city.

Orange Country: People who are visiting the orange countries they have more possibilities to see traditional places because the orange city is one the oldest countries in the New York. It is only one located in between the two rivers, the Hudson and the Delaware.

America’s earliest tree: the smallest forest in the America has only one tree, its name Eastern Cottonwood that over of 302 years old. It is thought to be one of the oldest in the United States.

Greenwood Lake: Originally named, as Long Pond and the length of the lake are nine miles and a mile widest at its widest point. A stop on the east side of the lake in the hamlet of Sterling Forest was established in 1875. Then it was described as ‘Switzerland of New York’, it became a popular location and the vacation spot with the fine resorts along its shores.

Orange country Onions: The one-half of the onions used by the New York people are grown in the southern part of the orange country, which is too popular.